Investment Fields

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DNN-Tan Phu industrial park is a multifunctional industrial park with variety of businesses:

- Mechanical industry: manufacturing accessories for industries; transportation; metallurgy; lifting and metalworking equipments and so on...

- Consumable industry: textile, garment, embroidery, leather shoes, handbag industries, plastic industry, high-grade glass-ceramic industry, agriculture, silvicuture, aquaculture and seafood process industry, food processing industry, chemical, cosmetic, flavoring industries , wooden processing industry, paper, package manufacturing industries and so on. ..

- Other light industries such as teaching aids, sport apparatuses, high-grade material, rubber, glues, and polymer manufacture....

- Building material producing and mineral processing industry.

All the above-mentioned industries are zoned in separate areas in the industrial park:

Mechanical Sector:

Mold and CNC center: designing and manufacturing exact moulds and industrial equipments and machineries.

Accessory supplying industrial complex, especially for motorbikes and vehicles.

Electric- electronic area.

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Bio - tech Sector:

An area for cultivating and developing rare medical mushroom- Reishi mushroom, pharmaceutical process and functional food manufacture.

An area for experimental cultivation, seed transplant for scientific research and especially for agriculture, seed production serving domestic needs and export.

An area for manufacturing mechanical and domestic goods.

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